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Rotating Cow Brush

Rotating cow brush is a specialized grooming device designed for use in agricultural and livestock settings to enhance the well-being of cows. This type of brush is typically mounted on a structure, and it features rotating bristles that provide a self-grooming and massaging experience for the cows.

It can be customized as customer requirements.

Product Description


  • The primary feature of a rotating cow brush is its bristles that rotate when the cow interacts with the brush. The rotating motion enhances the brushing action, providing effective grooming and massaging benefits.
  • The bristles are usually made of durable and soft materials, such as nylon or other suitable fibers. This ensures a comfortable grooming experience for the cows without causing harm to their skin.
  • The brush is often mounted on a sturdy structure, which can be attached to a post, a wall, or another stable surface in the barn or pasture.
  • The rotating mechanism is typically motorized, powered by electricity. This ensures a consistent and controlled rotation speed for optimal grooming.