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Steel Wire Cup Brush

Steel Wire Cup Brush is an industrial brush that features wire bristles made from steel arranged in a cup-shaped configuration. These brushes are commonly used for heavy-duty applications such as surface cleaning, rust and paint removal, deburring, and surface preparation. 

It can be customized as customer requirements.

Product Description


  • The wire bristles are arranged in a cup shape, allowing for more concentrated and targeted brushing in a circular motion. This configuration is effective for various surface contours and angles.
  • Steel wire cup brushes are designed for heavy-duty applications and are built to withstand tough conditions in industrial environments.
  • These brushes are versatile and can be used for tasks such as cleaning, deburring, rust removal, weld cleaning, and surface finishing.
  • Steel wire cup brushes come in various wire densities, allowing users to choose the appropriate brush for specific application needs, ranging from coarse to fine.