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Antistatic Brushes

Antistatic brushes are specialized brushes designed to mitigate and control the buildup and discharge of static electricity. Antistatic brushes are used to neutralize or reduce the static charge on surfaces and prevent these problems.

It can be customized as customer requirements.

Product Description


  • Antistatic brushes help dissipate static charges on surfaces, preventing the attraction of dust and minimizing the risk of damage to electronic components.
  • Antistatic brushes are widely used in electronics manufacturing and assembly to handle, clean, and remove static charge from sensitive electronic components, preventing damage during production.
  • Used for cleaning and removing dust from PCBs, where the buildup of static charge can attract dust particles and potentially cause electrical issues.
  • Applied in the textile industry to control static on fabrics and prevent issues such as clinging or dust attraction during manufacturing and processing.
  • Used in the printing industry to control static on paper and prevent issues such as misfeeds, jams, and ink adhesion problems.