Twisted Brushes

Twisted Brushes


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Twisted Brushes

Twisted Brushes

Versatile little brushes custom made in a range of materials and configurations for all types of interior cleaning. Twisted brushes are available with different nose and tail end styles for use with with power tools or by hand.

It can be customized as customer requirements.

Product Description

Twisted brushes with a synthetic, abrasive, wire or natural hair or fibre fill material and a choice of core end styles to suit your application.

Core wire: Galvanised steel or stainless steel
Core handle end style: Plain cropped, capped, loop handle, threaded connection
Core nose end style: Plain cropped, capped, fanned, blunt, tied tuft, eye loop
Fill material: Synthetic, abrasive, wire or natural hair
Fill colour: Colours available on request
Trim profile Straight or tapered